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Products & Services

Fresh Water Generators

The Gefico Fresh Water Generators are vacuum and submerge tube type obtaining distillate water at low evaporation temperature.

Our Generators works with any heating waste (hot water, steam, thermal oil, etc) to produce high quality distillate water increasing the energetic efficiency of the installation. Any type of water can be used as source like: sea water, brackish, surface waters, etc.

Reverse Osmosis Watermakers

The Gefico RO watermakers works with the reverse osmosis principle. The raw water is pressurized through a semipermeable membrane only allowing the flow of fresh water. The salts and other contaminants are eliminated with the brine flow.

These watermakers can treat any type of waters to be used as drinking, irrigation or industrial waters with the minimum electric consumption.
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AQE-M reverse osmosis watermaker is the result of more than 35 years designing, developing and supplying solutions for the marine market.

A modularized design for simple and compact installation with minimal weight and footprint.


AQE-S reverse osmosis watermaker is the result of more than 35 years designing, developing and supplying solutions for the marine market.

A modularized plug and play design with pre/post treatment designed to be assembled directly and flexible arrangement.

Water Treatment

Gefico has a wide range of products for water treatment and control.

Rehardening filters MHF for water mineralization and pH adjustment, sterilization system for drinking water by chlorine dosage or UV lamps, dosing units for seawater and drinking water treatment and antifouling systems to prevent and eliminate biological growth in the cooling systems.
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Antifouling systems

The IONPAC Gefico Antifouling system prevents marine growth in the cooling systems by releasing copper ions into seawater utilizing a small electrical DC current.

We also have ion copper-aluminium generators to prevent and avoid corrosion further the biological growth.

Dosing units

The Gefico dosing units, are used for:

Seawater pretreatment. Pollution control, disinfection, chlorine dosage, inhibitor systems, etc.

Drinking water treatment. Disinfection of produced water.

Cooling circuits treatment.

Rehardening filters

To avoid corrosion in the subsequent parts of the ships distribution system the pH-correction of produced distillate is absolutely necessary.

The pH-adjustment of the distillate is effected during its flow through the Rehardening Filter.

In addition, RF provides the correct hardness to distilled water.


UV sterilizers are especially designed for the potable water disinfection, getting that way deliver sterilized water.

Heat Exchangers

Gefico is a leading company in the area of shell & tube heat exchangers. We provide engineering, manufacturing and after sales services.

Our heat exchangers are maintenance-friendly and robust. Proven corrosion-resistant materials (DIN CuNi10Fe1.6Mn) are selected by means of technical, but also economic criteria.


Through our worldwide agents, we are prepared to give assistance to our customers wherever they are.

Gefico knows the importance to provide a good service and support to maintain the systems working with a good performance.

Spare parts, online technical assistance, commissioning and start up service and trainings.